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Tattooed Arm

Arm Lift

3 common cases with the upper arm include:

  1. Sagging skin

  2. Sagging skin with excess fat

  3. Large-size arm from excess fat


Treatments vary from one case to another.

Sagging upper arm skin is commonly observed in individuals who have gone through a drastic weight-loss process, including exercise, strict diet, or surgery. This is because even though the fat is removed, the skin does not “shrink back”. One approach is to undergo surgery. If there is excess fat, then it is also recommended to consider having liposuction in addition as well. Individuals with excess fat but no sagging skin may be recommended to have liposuction only.

It is important to acknowledge that there may be bulging scars and keloid post-surgery. Some individuals may experience temporary numbness, which will get better in 3-6 month time.

Recommended for:

​Individuals with sagging upper arm skin (in some cases with excess fat).

Operation details:
After applying anesthesia, the surgeon will perform a cut and remove the excess skin in the upper arm area. In some cases, liposuction may also be done. Drain tube will be inserted and the cut stitched afterwards. The surgery cut will be visible from the armpit all the way to the elbow, but neatly hidden away in the medial arm area.

Post-operational treatments:

  1. Clean the area daily, avoid contact with water.

  2. Drain to be left in place for 1 day after the operation.

  3. Continue wearing armband during the first 2 months.

  4. Remove the suture on Day 14, after which the wound can come in contact with water.

  5. The swelling will be less noticeable after 3-6 months.

  6. The scar may be visible during the first 3 months, after which will be less noticeable within 1 year.

Possible side-effects:

  • Temporary numbness surrounding the surgery area, which will gradually improve during the first year.

  • Surgery cuts become detached and infected, which can be observed in individuals with excessive weights. It is recommended to have a followup correction surgery.

  • Bulging scars, which can be treated with steroid injections to the scar area.

How long will the change last?
The change will typically last a lifetime. It is very rare that the skin will sag again or that the fat will re-accumulate.

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